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The Seven Mountains 

Finding your purpose at any age.

More than ever before, God's children need to rise up and take their places in society, in order to bring the goodness of our Father into our world. If you are ready to examine your gifting, your callings, and your strongest areas of impact in each area of society then you are in the right place. Cindy's books on the Seven Mountains will you learn what the mountains are and how you can bring God's love into each one.

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Finding Your Place on the Seven Mountains

This Kingdom Lifestyle Journal will take you on a journey of discovery, as you consider the way God has specifically put you together in order to make an impact on your world!

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Children's Books 

The Seven Mountain Series, ages 6-9

The Seven Mountains of Culture, ages 9-12

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If you are still struggling to find your place on the Seven Mountains, consider a private 30 minute consultation with Cindy.

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