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Whether rhyming books or instructional text, Cindy's books teach concepts that have had a strong impact in her own life. Her aim is to help children begin their lives with the benefit of having knowledge that we have worked to hard to achieve in our generation.

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Books on the Seven Mountains

The Seven Mountain Series

The Seven Mountain Series includes eight rhyming books that focus on people who function within each specific mountain. There are two books for the Arts and Entertainment Mountain.

I'm in a Family_edited.jpg
I Am a Pilgrim_edited.jpg
I Am a Teacher_edited.jpg

Join the family as they demonstrate many different healthy behaviors of family interaction.

Join the boy and his mother as they discover many aspects of seeking God.

Join the teacher and her student as they show many aspects of being a teacher.

The Seven Mountains of Culture

The Seven Mountains of Culture is an informational text that teaches children what the Seven Mountains are and how God uses people in each one. At the end of each section there are questions and a Scripture reference for families to discuss.

I Am in Business_edited.jpg
I Am in Government_edited.jpg
I Am in Media_edited.jpg

Join the man and his daughter as they each walk through the basic steps of starting a business.

Join the patriotic family as they show different jobs in government.

Join the family as they show how Gjod can work through different jobs in Media.

I Am an Artist_edited.jpg
I Am an Athlete_edited.jpg
author with kids_edited.jpg

Join the artist and her little brother as they show many ways that God uses art to demonstrate His love.

Join the two athletes as they include God in their journeys from beginning to end.

For a writing curriculum using all of the Seven Mountain books, click below.

Gloria Rae

Gloria Rae is a rhyming book about worship. Join Gloria as she bring honor to King Jesus!

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