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The Kinder Supplemental Series is designed to provide extra practice for basic pre-K and Kindergarten skills. These books are just right for small groups or one on one instruction.

Compare and Contrast cover front.png

Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast provides students with multiple opportunities to compare names, clothing, physical features, and more!


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Compare and Contrast Assessment
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assessment  compare contrast 2_edited.jpg
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Opposites provides students with multiple opportunities to guess which opposite matches the clue.

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Opposites Assessment
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Retell Fiction

Retell Fiction provides students with opportunities to learn to identify the characters, setting, problems/big events, and solutions/adjustments of a story. Then they will apply that knowledge to retell what happened in the beginning, middle, and end.

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Retell Fiction Assessment

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Retell assessment (2).png
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Retell Nonfiction

Past, Present, Future

Shades of Meaning

Comparing Stories


Miss Holman is a retired teacher and Reading Language Arts Specialist. She spent her last several years in education teaching Transitional Kindergarten.

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