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Feeling Stuck?

A prophetic consultation can help you find the key to breakthrough!

Seeking Your Purpose?

A prophetic consultation will help you find direction and identity.

Needing Direction?

A prophetic consultation will help you to find clarity and a new perspective.

Finding Keys to Breakthrough

A Prophetic Consultation consists of a one on one, 30-minute telephone conversation. Cindy will ask strategic questions to help you get to the root of an issue and/or a key to advancement in an area of your life. You may be given homework, such as forgiveness, seeking inner healing, creating a plan, etc.

Although Cindy is prophetic, this session is not inner healing ministry, life coaching, a prophetic word, or a futuristic reading. 

$50 per session

"Cindy Holman has successfully passed the Prophetic Consulting Certification and I am excited to recommend her to anybody that needs a breakthrough.” Keith Ferrante, Emerging Prophets Founder

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